Rouge Aerie Designs


In this FAQ, you will find answers to questions that get asked regularly in PM, via interviews and through comments on posts and photos. 

Please read through to see if your question has already been answered before sending a message, because we get a bit busy at RAD HQ and sometimes that means we get a bit behind in responding to messages and comments!

This document will be edited as more queries are presented.

How do I wash this dress? Will the dye run?

Our dresses go through batch quality assurance processes, using a third party QA firm. They check dye transfer as a part of their various tests. So far, we have had no reports of dye running if the garments are treated properly. 

To wash the Nightmare Rising JSK, detach modesty panel and necktie for spot-wash or handwash separately. The dress itself can then be handwashed in cold water, then line-dried. To iron, use the cotton setting or cooler, and iron on the reverse side, to prevent damaging the screen printing. 

Care for other garments will be added as they are released. For care of Spoonflower fabric, please see the “Fabric Care" page on our main site.

Will there be another release on Spoonflower soon?

Right now, we have no concrete date set for a Spoonflower release, as we’re focusing on the manufacturing aspect of business at present. There are a few “just for fun” designs in the queue for Spoonflower though! When they’re ready for release, we’ll let you know!

I’m waiting for ________ to be released! When will it be out?

We’re still working out the kinks in our manufacturing system, so giving exact release dates gets a bit tricky until we’re right in the thick of it. We’re working on perfecting our pre-order system as well as the timing of batch releases. The best way to know when something is coming out is to follow the RAD page for our updates.

I really want to buy the Carouskel print! Will it be available again soon?

Get ready to get excited … because yes it will! Kate is working on a revamped version (the working title at the moment is ‘Carouskel II: Prance Prance Resurrection’; we probably will call it something less silly officially). There are plans for two different styles of garments to be made, including a reworked version of the original underbust design.

Do you make all of these dresses yourself?!

Not quite! The dress prints and designs are created by RADesigner Kate. She then sews a prototype which gets sent to the factory to produce the final runs. This allows us to keep prices low and quantities fairly plentiful, while still maintaining a high standard of quality.

My dress arrived with a One Day in Paradise tag. Why isn’t your name on the tag instead?

With the first run of Nightmare Rising dresses, we were using grouped tags. One Day in Paradise produces the lines of several designers, including RAD, so only one tag style was ordered that could be used throughout all of the designs. This system was intended to maximise supply ordering efficiency, while also unifying the varied designers under one umbrella. The dresses that we sell from that batch have been rebranded with our tags and labels.

Future designs will also have a Rouge Aerie tag, as we are no longer collaborating with One Day in Paradise.

Do you offer custom sizing?

Unfortunately not. Because all of the final dresses are produced by a factory now, custom sizing is out of reach for the time being. All garment runs have a minimum order quantity to which we have to adhere per size and colourway. 

However, one benefit of manufacturing is that we can now offer a range of sizes instead of just one! 

I’m too small/large/short/tall for your size range. Are you sure you can’t make something just for me?

We are very sorry to say it, but we really can’t do custom pieces. However, we are looking into expanding our sizing range in the future, and hope to offer many new designs with shirring, corset lacing, waist ties, and other self-tailoring features, to better benefit a wider range of sizes!

If I order the wrong size, can I get the dress exchanged?

So long as the dress is in an unworn condition (trying the dress on is fine, but please don't wear it out if you intend to return it!), we will happily arrange an exchange for you! Please be aware that we will not be able to reimburse the additional shipping costs, and that these will be your responsibility.

If you have any questions about sizing or are in between two sizes, please feel free to ask which would be best. We will try to get you the best fit possible!

Where are you from? Do you ship internationally?

RAD HQ is located in the Sydney suburbs of NSW, Australia! And yes, we do. If your country is not listed in the pull-down menu, please let us know and we will get you a shipping quote. 

Our shopping cart is also only an estimate based on past orders. If you order multiple items, and want to confirm shipping weights/prices in advance, please contact us for a quote! Orders which come out lighter than the cart estimate will be partially refunded, as per actual postage costs.

How quickly can I expect my items?

We ship on Tuesdays and Fridays at 1pm local time. Orders received before 12/noon will go out on those days. Orders received after 12/noon will roll over to the next shipping day.

Packages sent via Airmail varies in delivery time based on location, but generally takes 10-14 business days, and can take up to 30 days. Pack and Track to select locations takes 3-10 business days, in most cases.

If you need a faster shipping method, please contact us and we can make special arrangements.

Can I combine orders?

We are happy to combine orders if you buy multiple items between shipping dates. We can either combine the parcels and refund the difference in shipping (if you purchase through the shop), or create a custom invoice to add the new item and additional shipping to your initial order.

We ask that combined orders be paid for using the same shipping method, with the same address and addressee. 

What kind of shipping do you use?

Items are shipped via Australia Post. We are presently looking into the most efficient means of shipping in bulk to overseas customers. We will do our best to accommodate your needs!

Small items are sent via Airmail unless requested otherwise. Accessory orders that are over $100, and large items will be sent by AusPost Pack and Track.

What kind of packaging do you use?

Soft items, or orders which include dresses are shipped in a poly-bag mailer, wrapped in bubblewrap for extra security. Accessory orders made without a larger item are shipped in a box with bubblewrap for padding. Group orders generally ship in a box, with additional padding as necessary.

If you would like to request a box or more secure packing with your order, please contact us in advance and we will create a personalised invoice, tailored to your shipping needs.